Com Fasasi to introduce new dynamics into labour relation

Comrade ‘Bimbo Fasasi

“IT IS TIME for us to rework the way we relate with government to ensure great synergy that will benefit the workers and bring dividends of democracy to the state”.

This was the statement made by Comrade ‘Bimbo Fasasi in a chat with The Telescope Nigeria immediately he was sworn in as the Chairman of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, Osun State Council.

Comrade Fasasi who was the immediate Secretary of the TUC in his inaugural speech quoted the management maxim that “Only a fool will do the same thing the same way and expect a different result”. He pointed out that “Table-banging unionismis old-fashioned, ideas now rule the world, negotiations today have become more of an intellectual warfare, and proactive out-of-box thinking is the order of the day. To this effect, we shall continually engage the government of the day and help them in achieving their set goals of bettering the lives of workers in the state; we do not have an alternative”.

He travelled the route of history painting the gory happenings of the past and posited that the climate has changed. “Once a time in labour history in this state, there used to be a slogan then, “This is not the best time to be a labour leader” Only the legends among us would understand that.

“But today, the narrative has changed, those dark days are over. I can boldly say that the time to be a labour leader in Osun State is now!! It is now that we have a worker-friendly governor, a governor who will not pretend to know it all, a governor who is not power drunk, the talk and do Governor Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke whose workers’ welfare tops his 5-point agenda. The TUC under my leadership will exploit to the fullest, this political will, synergy and the robust relationship between the labour movement in the state and the government of the day, and thereby take advantage, by ensuring we maximize the gains for the betterment of workers”.

He pointed out that the issues bedevilling the nation is mammoth “The challenges are enormous, the task is massively huge and the expectations are heaven-high. We are faced with myriads of issues as a nation, the skyrocketing prices of staple foods,  exorbitantly high transportation costs and unprecedented hike in prices of goods and services in general, occasioned by the subsidy removal on the PMS has in no small means worsened the already battered living conditions of workers in our nation. We are coming on board at a critical time in our nation when workers can no longer afford three square meals a day when the take-home pay can no longer take workers halfway home”.

To this end, he promised to engage with the government to ensure there is an avenue to ensure the workers have the best of moments during his tenure. “On this note, I want to say on behalf of my team that the issue of contributory pensions and gratuities shall have a priority place in our regime. People should no longer see retirements as death sentences anymore. Of equal importance are the wide gap and the disparity between the salary scales of workers earning under the GL Salary Structure and their counterparts on CONTISS, CONHESS etc.; paying the same rent, and sending children to the same school, yet, the gap is arbitrarily miles apart. The ongoing harmonized salary structure as being proposed at the national level shall be vigorously pursued within the purviews of available platforms. To this end, my leader in the house, Comrade Fajobi, please note and be rest assured I’ll come knocking, sir. I’m confident you’ll be of immense value to achieving this goal.

He thanked numerous people who contributed to his ascendancy as the number one worker in Osun State TUC and called on the support of his fellow workers and promised that “my colleagues and co-travellers in this journey, the newly elected SAC members of today, I appreciate your perseverance and understanding immensely, I solicit your support and loyalty, the type you gave my outgoing chairman and even more and I promise you today that you’ll all never be taken for granted. I’ll be a servant leader, and I’ll be a TEAM player because Together Each of us will Achieve More!”

Other executives are: Comrade Dr. Muyiwa (NUHAP), Vice Chairman; Comrade Adeyemi Abdul-Lateef (SSAUTHRIA), Secretary; Com. Oluwabusayo Amure (FOBTOB), Treasurer; Com. AdetunjiOlusegun Adewumi, Financial Secretary; Com Akinjide Akinlami (ASCSN), Publicity Secreatry; Com. Adekunle Jeleel (RTEAN), Auditor; Com. Gbenga Arowosafe (AOBIFI), Asst. Secretary; Com. Adekola Olubunmi Adebosola (ASCSN), Ex-Officio; Com. Oladayo Eunice B., (ASCSN), Chairperson WC; and Com. Fayinminu Hassanat (SSAUTHRIA), Secretary WC.

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