The day I was crowned was the saddest – Oba Abolarin

The day I was crowned was the saddest day for me – Oba Abolarin
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When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother, what will I be
Will I be pretty
Will I be rich
Here’s what she said to me
Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be

THOSE SWEET words of the classic song was one of the beautiful songs students of Abolarin College, Oke Illa, Osun State, Nigeria sang to welcome dignitaries who paid a visit to their school, nay, family to the serene ambience of their school surrounded by hilly mountains
The song captures the lives of these princesses and princes garnered from all over the countries by Oba Abolarin from different circumstances of neglect, abuse and parental squabbles which otherwise would have made their lives a wasted ones.
What many people did not know is that the age long beautiful song also captures the life of the Kabiyesi.
“The day I was crowned was the saddest for me. As the crown was placed on my head I became sad that was this end of all my achievements? Would I have to constrained myself to the little quarter?”
Oba Abolarin made this revelation when six member contingent from Green Phoenix Youth Initiative paid him a courtesy call to learn from his fountain of wisdom in preparation to replicate what the Kabiyesi has done with the lives he picked and has been nurturing, moulding and turning from ragged caterpillars to beautiful butterflies. And as if nature was attesting to this, a beautiful gold brownish butterfly flew to the feet of Oba Abolarin and one of the guests picked it and place it on the green lawn lest it be trampled upon.
That singular act captures in entirety what Oba Abolarin has been doing with youngsters who were neglected by their families and the society to lives of wastage and who would have become a burden to the society but have been turned into glory of the future.
“Talents abound here”, Kabiyesi enthused from time to time as he sees any of the students passing by. Calling each by their names, he knows the story of each student he will ask this student or that to showcase his or her talent. It was a beautiful moment that made the heart flutters with joy that there is still hope for a better future of selfless generation who is imbibing the culture of giving back to the society.
Many a thing have been written about the beautiful concept that Kabiyesi has planted in his domain as the Chief servant of Oke Ila but because these visitors were not there for sight seeing but to learn of how they can also replicate the beautiful mission because it resonates with their vision, Kabiyesi gave from the abundance of his soul in his usual ebullient nature.
The students from varied backgrounds have varied ambition from wanting to become medical doctors, food processors, footballers, civil engineers to linguists, the beauty of it is that the traits of what each wants to become is already showing in them. From the fluidity of the nerves of the would be footballer to the fierce looking statue like etched figure of the future soldier who vowed to defend Nigeria against internal and external aggressors, beautiful souls were being moulded at the Abolarin College, Oke Ila.
The students sang their school’s anthem and prayer to bid their visitors bye and you could see the beauty, joy and love for their “father” when the visitors unveiled the portrait of their protector and guardian.
The Green Phoenix Youth Initiative delegate include: Ms Junoke Olawoyin, Mrs. Comfort Olaosun, Dr. Olugbenga Olaleye, Dr. Joshua Odedeji, Mr. Segun Onibiyo and Olanrewaju Akinfenwa.
The chairman of the Board of Trustee of Green Phoenix Youth Initiative, Mr. Matthew Oginni had a video call with the Kabiyesi to conclude the visit.

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