As the Light banishes all darkness, so does Truth unmasks lies

The Telescope Nigeria is published in Nigeria and served worldwide online to project News from unbiased viewpoint with analytical points to guide the readers to an informed opinion that will liberate them!

A passion for Truth

We serve you NEWS as they unfold without biases. Our News Analyses open you to myriad views giving you informed opinion that help you shape your thought process to achieve greatness in your life, family life, enterprise and understand policies as they unfold.


Uncoloured, unbiased, balanced and reported with the aim of passing it on as it is.


Experienced columnists that write from experience with analytical minds that put issues in the right perspective


Opinon is regarded to be slanted while facts are sacred. However, at The Telescope Nigeria, our Editorial, though our opinion, is fact-based devoid of sentiments.

Our Team

Experienced, ethical individuals who are bound by the Oath of Journalism to uphold the Truth at all times.

“As the Light banishes all darkness, so does Truth unmasks lies”

Olanrewaju Akinfenwa

CEO, Life I.Q. Pathfinder

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