“IBEDC is killing us”

SOME RESIDENTS of Osun State have cried out that the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, IBEDC, is extorting money from them for services not rendered.

In Ikirun, Dauda, a welder claimed that he has no metre and he has been paying N7,000 every month even when electricity is not constant; because in some months, electricity may not be available for days. Surprisingly when they brought the bill last week, they attached a note stating that to avoid disconnection; I should pay N11, 000 before on the 16th of every month.

“They just want to kill us. This is too much. Without electricity I can’t work”.

A resident of Obaagun, who does not want his name in print, lamented the “wickedness of IBEDC over issue of payment. When there was issues with our line for about two weeks, we were still made to pay N5,000. Now we have a note stating that we must pay N8,000 every month in a disconnection notice attached to the bill”.

The situation is the same in Ifon where a resident claimed that the same disconnection note was added to her bill asking her to start paying N5, 000 every month from the same 16th of the every month if she does not want her electricity disconnected.

Those in Osogbo are not spared. It is the same story. Those with pre paid metres even believe that IBEDC has implemented a new tariff as their units do not stay the normal days again.

However, the Communication Manager, Ms Kikelomo Owoeye said “Metering is ongoing; it is not a hidden process. If you want to apply for meter the website is opened msms.ibedc.com or www.ibedc.com.

For a long time Black meter has been declared obsolete and According to NERC capping billing has been directed to be used for customers depending on their bands. Whoever that has a black meter is advised to apply for meter under MAP scheme”.

She however, did not say anything about the bills written on paper and attached to their real bills.

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