FAO accepts management responses to nutrition’s plans, seeks to end malnutrition

FOOD AND Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in its ongoing Hundred and Twenty-sixth Session in Rome, Evaluation of the strategy and vision for FAO’s work on nutrition Management Response has approved seven responses to recommendations on nutrition. It also gave time frame for their take off with a view to end global malnutrition.

Its first accepted recommendation, it states that “The Strategy and Vision for FAO’s Work in Nutrition should be updated in order to take stock of ICN2, (Second International Conference on Nutrition)  reflect the broadened focus on “all forms of malnutrition” including overweight and obesity, articulate the potential contribution of food systems to nutrition over and beyond nutrition-sensitive agriculture, and strengthen accountability towards Member States with a robust accountability framework”.

It sets its management plan to “update the Strategy and Vision for FAO’s Work in Nutrition to take into account the outcomes of the ICN2, FAO’s role under the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition, and the principles and work modalities laid out for the organization’s contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. Particular attention will be placed on how FAO’s contribution to sustainable food systems can be shaped to provide access to healthy diets for ending malnutrition in all its forms. The new strategy will be accompanied by a clear implementation plan and by an accountability framework that is aligned with corporate reporting and accountability mechanisms”.

However, it would come into effect after the draft by the end of 2019 through mid year 2020.

Its sixth recommendation seeks to improve “guidance on how to work with small and medium-scale private sector entities; and a global financing instrument able to translate the visibility accrued to FAO through ICN2, the Decade of Action and the Zero Hunger Challenge into financial resources that the Organization can use to expand its normative and field-level work in nutrition-sensitive food systems”.

Its management plan will expand “guidance on how to work with small and medium-scale private sector entities will be elaborated in line with corporate guidance on building partnerships in collaboration with FAO’s Partnership Division. Experience derived from ongoing field project work on nutrition with SMEs will feed into this.

“A global financing instrument/marketing tool will be developed, under the lead of PSR, to enhance visibility of FAO’s nutrition work in order to attract extra-budgetary financial contributions”.

It would be put into action from December 2019. The meeting will end Friday, March 22, 2019.

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