The youthful step

THE STEPPING have changed, with each era comes a different stepping. As the stepping changes so also the lyrics, the slogans and the slangs change with it.

This yo era youths have thrown caution to the wind. They sag, they corrupt the lyrics, they murder sleep and sleep in daytime.

They believe they know better, yet their acts are no worse than the worst urchins of yesteryears.

They believe it is their time. Their time, to do what? To jar the ear drums with porno rhythm? Or with cacophony of noise they tag music? Or their commercialisation of everything in sight? For them the sinful stone of their forebears have turned to sinful mountains. I shudder to think of the time they will take the rudder of ruler ship.

Youth o’clock, O to ge generation, Sorosoke generation, they threat issues, people, customs with no respect. What they term active is unthinking steps. Their thoughts cannot accommodate more than two steps ahead. To borrow a Yoruba word, they act gira gira, action without reflection. To them the end justifies the means. A Machiavellian principle corrupted with no thought turning the evil principle to a devilish principle.

Look at the just concluded primaries, where are the youth? They are running from pillar to post. They cannot face the fire. They are looking for soft landing. Looking for party where they would not have an opponent. That is not politics, that’s tactless move. How do you win elections when you refuse to learn even from your party? Deft moves are learnt. See the moves Bola Tinubu made that left even the cabal, the president and his opponents speechless, paralysed by inaction until he snatched the trophy before they woke up.

See how Atiku Abubakar charged round, calculating, enticing, cajoling and sending pawns to deal blows on the mighty and powerful to succumb and pander to his whims.

The only exception was Nyesom Wike, though younger than them, he mustered all the strength he had. He took his seven years as governor to network and build bridges. Though not enough, it has shore up his ratings. He has garnered experience and in four years time depending on the tide, he would be on a solid rock if politics has not swept him away as he is trying to deal with Rotimi Amechi.

I get it some not too young to run are testing their feet but they are doing it wrongly. It has nothing to do with age. It has to do with experience. A Kola Abiola decking from the top of the card is only positioning himself for the future, he cannot make any wave. Would it have not been better, if he had struggled to be a Vice President by working hard for a winner? If tested politicians can spend N100 million to get a zero votes at the primaries, how many votes do you think he and his ilk would get at the General Elections.

The youths should note that there is process to everything and if a milestone is missed in a process, disaster awaits. Like Brian Tracy states, “success is a journey”; it is not a destination.

It’s time the youths retrace their steps. Learn to crawl before taking a step, move from taking steps on the ladder to landing on the board before attempting a race that must be accomplished. To say emi lokan presupposes hard work of building others. Stretching helping hands all over.  

You are our tomorrow and we want you to do it right, pause and reflect for humanity sake!

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