Stop this before 2023

EKITI GUBERNATORIAL Election of last Saturday brought into the fore once again, the ills associated with politics in Nigeria.

Young boys were seen displaying, with pride, money paid for their votes. Violence was the order of the day.

Louts made away with ballot boxes, in at least two units.

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, was said to have made some arrest of characters buying and selling votes.

There were sporadic shots, in some areas.

The effect of this is that last Saturday Election could not be adjudged as free and fair.

It seems the election went to the highest bidder as parties accused each other of buying votes. This was a replica of what transpired at the presidential primaries of both the ruling party, All Progressives Congress and Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

This is not democracy, another name should be found for it.

Going forward, Independent National Election Commission, INEC, should ensure arrested people are appropriately charged to court and enough publicity as to number of years offenders found guilty would be subjected to should be aired in all local languages on radio waves.

The laws are there, it is the political will that is required to implement the laws. These louts and criminals work for the politicians and they are always willing to get them released after a short time after their arrest. INEC and law enforcement agencies should not let this happen, this time!

Coming Osun Gubernatorial Election should be used to put a stop to these ills to ensure that we get it right in 2023.

INEC must ensure that the 2023 Electoral Acts is implemented to the last letter. No infraction should be overlooked for any party or candidate.

Strong institutions are what we need to steer this country back on the right path. What better ways to do this than from the process of electing those that would steer the ship of state.

Men of the Nigerian Police should ensure that their presence should stop being counterproductive. It was largely fears that made Ekiti Election to have poor number of voters.

The time to correct this ills is now, it must not be left for coming generation!

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