Ram sellers cry to the bank

“May there be succour for these rams sellers to avoid cases of suicide as most of them always borrow money for the trade yearly”.

IT WAS a grim outing for ram sellers during this year 2019 Ileya Festival as many rams remained unsold two days after Ileya Festival.

The Telescope Nigeria’ s reporters reported that it was an unprecedented dismal outing as many states visited had large quantities of unsold rams at the close of the Ileya rams sales.

At Oke Baale in Osogbo, the state capital of Osun State, when The Telescope Nigeria visited the Sasha end to Obate Areas, the huge number of rams and goats on tethers belie the fact that the Ileya Season was off.

One Isiaka Adelowo, a seller who was emotional while recounting his ordeal said “The last time we had a semblance of this type of situation was about seven years ago and something similar happened about three years ago.

“This year rams was so expensive where we bought from Jigawa State and my colleagues that went to Sokoto and Kano said rams were also expensive there. This made some of us believe that it would be a brisk sales but we were wrong.

“The last time we had expensive rams from the North was at the tick of the Boko Haram problem and that drove up our sales. But the expensiveness of the ram sales was due to scarcity of rams, but this year ram was available but very expensive, this however drove the prices down and yet many of us still had large unsold quantities of rams”.

It could be recalled that The Telescope Nigeria reported that “High Cost of rams threaten Ileya”, this has proven to be so.

At Iwo, Ido Osun, Ikirun and the traditional headquarters of Ileya rams sales, Ifon Osun, the stories were the same.

At Obalufon area of Ido Osun there were many unsold rams and a man who simply gave his name as Gbaale, bemoaned the situation. “The situation is so bad that many of us have vowed to stay away from Ileya ram sales.

“Some of us who are Muslims did not even go to the Yidi to pray thinking that people would turn out on Ileya day. Yes many people came but they were pricing outrageously. I think they were trying to take advantage of the bad situation.

Today, Monday, as you can see, there are still many rams unsold. It is a bad year for all of us that sell rams”.

At Ifon, it was lamentation galore. As at the time of filing this report, unsold rams within the Obada areas and inside the Orisadoyinbo Shopping complex numbered over five thousand despite the fact that some people had evacuated their rams back to the North.

“One concerned individual who did not supply his name prayed that “May there be succour for these rams sellers to avoid cases of suicide as most of them always borrow money for the trade yearly.

“For there to be many unsold rams at Ifon, rest assured that there would be unprecedented unsold at Osogbo and its environs. Ifon always determine the outlook of rams’ sales.

“Traditionally on the eve of the Ileya Festivals, there would be countable number of rams but reverse is the case this year. With this number of rams, you would not be wrong to think that Ileya had not been held”.

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