Panic in Osogbo over rumoured death of Arugba

OSOGBO, THE Capital of Osun State, was thrown into panic Monday evening as people scampered to leave the streets and take shelter in their homes as rumour started Saturday that the Arugba (calabash carrier) of the Osun Shrine had passed on mysteriously.

The Telescope Nigeria’s findings showed that most people were aware of the purported evening curfew.

A housewife was heard calling the husband to hurry home as it had been announced that curfew would take place Monday evening. “Where are you, have you not heard of the curfew? Wherever you are please don’t go near the Oja Oba o”.

A phone call to the palace showed that there was no such curfew. A palace source told The Telescope Nigeria that “There is no curfew. We also heard the rumour, and that was the reason we asked the Arugba to dance round the town to show herself to the people.

“It has never happened that a reigning Arugba will die while in office”.

A call was put through to Baba Olosun and he told The Telescope Nigeria that he was not in Osogbo, though he confirmed that he also heard the rumour.

Calls to the Palace Secretary were not answered.

It could be recalled that the Baba Olosun who instituted a case to challenge his removal by the Ataoja had also warned that the selling of the Osun deity would bring in a lot of calamity in its wake except the needful is done and the deity returned into the calabash.

He had listed a litany of mishaps which he claimed had befallen the town and the palace in the wake of the allegation that the king had sold the deity, which he had paid to reacquire.

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