Nigerians score Buhari low at start off

By Tolu OLOJEDE, Political Editor

COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS of President Muhammadu Buhari’s start off the block in his second term vis-à-vis the lack lustre performance of the first term among Nigerians polled by The Telescope Nigeria showed that Nigerians are not impressed.

Starting off the block, Marketing Communication expert, Olufemi Adashile said “The Brand Buhari has come to be associated with slowness. The little upbeat witnessed was the razzmatazz that surrounded the newly introduced June 12 as the nation’s democracy and if you look closely, the upbeat was limited to Abuja and South West states.

“A serious president would have showed a strong hand by naming a stronger cabinet that will show the direction of this second term. But not a Buhari Administration. I will not be surprised if we had to wait another four months and still be saddled with most of the past ministers as the core of Mr. President’s new direction”.

Seun Ogunbunmi said he was “not disappointed with the APC and Buhari administration. I did not expect anything from them because I did not want to be disappointed like what happened in the first term. I had waited for the magic wand, at least in the selection of men with Spartan qualities and people of proven integrity as ministers only to be left mouth agape with people that could not win a councillor ward in integrity.

“in almost 30 days after swearing in, there is nothing to show that there is a new administration on the block. The day he was sworn in there was no speech to analyse, the speech on democracy day left little to desire. It shows no policy thrust, it shows no direction and I am not sure the drafters of the speech were any better off knowing what the President has in stock for Nigerians. This is pointing to another abysmal failure. Nigerians can’t have it worse”

George Rotimi, a journalist, was more charitable to the President. “The only thing the President is guilty of is that he allowed himself to be railroaded into running another term when obviously his health and managerial ability aren’t up to the task.

“A non political persona will know that a Buhari has nothing tangible to deliver. This is a man that is archaic in thinking and has not shown any capacity to embrace innovation. A man that has surrounded himself with his kith and kin, who believes Nigeria is a feudal for him to control at will. What do you expect from him? The only thing is to pray that the four years does not come with any natural disasters, else, many lives would have been lost before the President would even be aware that such was taking place”.

Adamu Itakpe was of the opinion “that Buhari Presidency is about reactions. I have not seen it ruling but only reacting to events, issues, opposition, international criticism. Just take a look at the twitter page of the Presidency or that of the personal handle of President Buhari; you will note that it is full of reactions. When will he start ruling? He reacted for four good years, blaming the opposition for the ills of the nation; he is still taking the same route now. You need to compare his handles with that of his counterparts in US and even back home here, Ghana. The difference that will stare you in the face is that they are projecting and ruling while Nigeria is largely reactive”.

Felicia Ade Balogun believes, “with time we will know the direction of Mr. President. He is of age and people of that age take time to study their steps. However, measuring impact of his take off shows there is nothing tangible one can lay hands on. It is typical Buhari regime”.

James Achuo believes “Buhari is non starter and is also a poor finisher. This means Nigeria is in for another four wasted years of rhetoric, blame game and divisive remarks.

“By the time his cabinet would be revealed, what may change is that we may have more talkers than doers in the cabinet. There would be replication of Lai Mohammed in the coming cabinet”.

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