Nigerians berate Buhari over gifts to Niger


NIGERIANS HAVE described as insensitive and non commonsensical gifts of vehicles to Niger Republic when Nigerians are groaning under intense poverty and inability to address the needs of lecturers who have been home for unprecedented six months at a go.

Speaking during an opinion poll conducted by The Telescope Nigeria, Kalejaiye Jayeoba said “It is as if everything is wrong with the thinking process of the presidency. How on earth would anybody justify the huge amount of money expended to buy those cars? Would that money not have been able to solve part of the ASUU crises?

“It does not make sense and it is highly insensitive. It is as if Nigerians are being taking for a ride. As if to say, what can they do?

“Did the Sri Lankan government do half of what we have been subjected to before they were booted out? The best thing is for this man (Buhari) to just go”.

James Adaobi wondered “Why would Nigerians be hungry and our president be giving food to Nigeriens?

“It is sad and I want to believe those that have been saying Buhari is from Niger or else how can one justify this except they all lack sense”.

Tolani Olukehinde said, “I am not surprised at all. Jonathan was called clueless, what do we call this if not arrant nonsense, imbecilic and totally wicked act.

“This impunity from Buhari is getting out of hands and I pray the assembly people succeed in their quest to impeach him”.

Friday John said, “Nigeria is a zoo. Just remove the senseless man and this country would be better. Where do you see a father whose children are hungry and would now gift other family little money that he has?

“In fact I found it difficult to believe that a president would behave that way until I read it in the main newspapers”.

Jacob Atolagbe wants “Buhari should be impeached! Period! This is getting too much and things are getting out of hands. We have a lot of challenges, prices of foods are going up, students have been home since Lord know how long. Would that money not go a long way to help assuage ASUU?

“The last time too I read that he went to Liberia to advise them on security issue. Please, what is happening? A naked man is promising others cloth. Where is it done? I pity this country. We better get it right in 2023 or else we will go through worse situation”.

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