Is Jagaban a coward?

Jagaban of Borgu

HATE HIM or like him, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a man that has empowered a lot of people and also must have stepped on lots of toes.

He has achieved a lot in his lifetime. Some of these achievements would take some people three life times to achieve half of it.

However, like a sore thumb, stands out controversy about his birth, age, parenthood and primary and secondary schools certificate.

Jagaban is supposed to be a warrior and warriors would not fail to own up where they have made a mistake.

There have been many postulations, some claim he is from Iragbiji, some claim he is from Lagos. Many names have been given him from Sangolere to Sangodere. What baffles me most is this man is as bright as they come. So what is wrong?

A friend tried to sum it up for me that he is afraid that his real age and parentage may come out.

Blackmailing 101 teaches that you need to come out in front of any matter before it snowballs to a tool in the hands of blackmailers.

Jagaban should dump anything he has in his closet that blackmailers could use against him and it ceases to be a tool.

Just the other day, a songstress, Salawa Abeni was to be blackmailed with nude photographs, she came out with it in a press conference and pronto, the would-be blackmailer lost his power over her and was also arrested.

Same thing goes for Mrs. Okonjo Iweala. Some guys were blackmailing the husband; their joint account was being depleted. She became worried and hired a private eye to tail the husband, when she got what was at stake; she confronted the blackmailers and staged a press conference. The issue stopped being a tool and they started living their lives peacefully.

Jagaban should as a matter of urgency put this issue at rest. He should not allow his case to be like that of General Muhammadu Buhari. Why do you need to hire 35 SANs to defend your certificate issue.

Jagaban was the best student in his class during his university days, he should come out and explain the real circumstances surrounding his birth, primary and secondary schools days and if he had had a name change, he should explain it. These are minute shit that should not rub off his greatness in any way.

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