COVID-19: Gov Matawalle launches sample collection booths

By Ibrahim Sidi KAULAHI, GUSAU

ZAMFARA STATE Governor Bello Muhammad Matawalle has launched a zero-contact testing centre with s view to significantly increase the testing capacity and protect health workers who are the frontline soldiers in the corona virus raging war. 
Matawalle, said his administration has resolved to rid the state of the global scourge with an initiative that is guaranteed to improve the testing capacity of the virus in line with the World Health Organization’s recommendations in order to regularly test and isolate COVID – 19 patients in the state and its neighbours.
He described the intervention as part of the broader strategy put in place by the Zamfara State Government, in expeditious response to the pandemic that unsettles our world through the disruption of our social and economic activities, spike in mortality rate and general exacerbation of global health challenges.  
Matawalle noted that with the sample collection booths, the state government will be cutting costs by achieving more with less as it had become difficult and economically unsustainable to justify using new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to test each patient.
He explained that in post COVID-19, the sample collection booths could be converted into telemedicine booths, an innovation that is poised to boost the people’s access to healthcare and their overall wellbeing, especially in the hinterlands of the state.
The Governor said, “To date, Zamfara remains one of the states with the best approach to containing COVID-19, having built an ultramodern isolation centre from start to finish within two weeks; procured more PPEs; acquired six (6) PCR machines, disinfectants/decontaminations machines. 
“Disinfection tunnels, sample collection Booths etc making it fit for the NCDC to comfortably set-up multiple molecular laboratories a situation which accords the state to boast of having one of the best COVID – 19 recovery statistics in the country.
“Following several years of palpable neglect in the health and other sectors in the state, my administration made concerted effort to address the situation including the provision and upgrading of the health institutions,  procurement of ambulances in all the 17 General Hospitals in the state. 
“Construction of 147 comprehensive healthcare facilities across all the 147 Wards, procurement of 147 tricycles to all the 147 comprehensive healthcare centers, revival of state drug revolving programmes amongst others”, Matawalle has said.

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