PASSION IS A powerful catalyst for national development. Without a spirited sense of nationalism, a nation’s progress is hindered, as individuals prioritize self-interest over collective growth. In order to achieve rapid and sustainable development, it is essential for people to possess an unwavering belief and passion for their country. ThroughoutContinue Reading

Freedom is a universal longing that holds great significance for individuals around the world. The desire for freedom has been the primary motivation for revolutions and mass movements. However, the true value of freedom lies not merely in having it but in the ability to utilize it effectively. Specifically, skillContinue Reading

EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP is an essential element for the success and prosperity of any society. Leaders play a critical role in providing direction, inspiration, and guidance to their followers and navigating complex challenges that arise within their communities. When leaders are able to perform their roles effectively, they can bring aboutContinue Reading

WHEN PRESENT conditions are unpleasant, then we must reconsider the knowledge upon which they were built. This crucial principle highlights the importance of critical thinking and the need to continuously evaluate the systems and beliefs that shape our societies. The statement implies that if the current conditions in a societyContinue Reading

THE SOCIETY that would continue to develop must learn to fearlessly discard old and worn out ideas and replace this with better ones. This is an unending process. This means that ideas that would be accepted must stand the test of strict scrutiny. However, ideas that come from recognized expertsContinue Reading