Welcome to our world!

THE WORLD of information, to us, is a world of service. We seek to help the seeker find the source. We seek to ensure you have the right information at the right time.
It is our belief that information, like knowledge is the antidote to most of the ills bedevilling the society. Ignorance could lead to riot, it could lead to anarchy. We all witnessed the Ebony riot of the eighties where hearsay took millions of Nigerians to the street, all for nothing.
To this end, we shall responsibly present all sides of the story to you. We will not fight shy of the length of a story to ensure all angles are reported. We are not in the business of taking sides, hence our reports shall serve only the truth and ensure there is balance and objectivity, at all times.

This is not to say that we will be afraid to step on toes. Nay! We shall courageously use information to dispel lies and as our motto states, we shall unmask all lies with the truth.
Weekly, we shall give you stories that will jar your consciousness to become better. We shall put in perspective the underlying reasons behind policies and ensure leaders are held accountable for their promises.

The only thing we require from you, our dear readers is loyalty to protect this brand. Come rain, come sunshine, we will ferret out the news from the deepest corner, from inaccessible corridors of power and serve you in clear language.
We promise that all news that will emanate from our stable will be devoid of partisanship. Our business is strictly to get the news for you.
From news to news analyses, features and most importantly investigative stories, your days would be made and you have a partner to rely on, in us. If it is news, we promise to serve you all the angles without playing up any angle. Our mantra shall be to say it the way it is.

Welcome to our world and feel free to send us feedbacks on our stories and behaviour and attitude of our reporters. It’s a brand new day, brand new year and brand new season from us to you.

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