Pensioners appreciate Adeleke’s govt

SEQUEL TO THE release of N2.1 billion bond to pensioners in Osun State last Thursday, the executives and general members of the Forum of Contributory Pensioners have sent an appreciation letter to the government of Governor Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke.

In the letter jointly signed by Comr. Gbenga Oyadare, the State Chairman and Com. Debo Adegboye, the General Secretary, the duo pointed out that it gladdens their hearts as the “say and do” governor is fulfilling his campaign promises to the populace and the pensioners in particular.

“We the entire Exco and general members of the Forum of Contributory Pensioners in Osun State, are hereby appreciating your Excellency, Governor of Osun State, Senator Nurudeen Jackson Ademola Adeleke for yet, another feat, in the payments of our bonds, to the tune of N2.1 billion (Naira), last Thursday 10th August, 2023”.

They berated the immediate All Progressive Congress, APC government for the cause of the suffering of the pensioners.

“For those of us that understand the workings of the government, especially, under the social, economic, and political conditions that you assumed the mantle of the leadership of Osun State governance, to us sir, it is no small gestures!

“We are not oblivious, equally, of our half-salaries payments, which were part of the financial liabilities inherited by your Excellency, from the immediate past APC governments, within weeks intervals, to the release of our bonds!

“As if these two feats, daunting as they were, to the creators of the problems; APC governments, you are moving ahead, to be cash backing the promotions done by them without money, to the working staff!

“No doubt, sir, your Excellency, we know, and believe that, soonest, you are going to show similar magnanimity to us, that were paper-promoted, because of electioneering tricks, that was a charade!

“Sir, all these strides, is being chronicled, for another pay back periods, positively for you!

“You shall live long, and live well, to continue these laudable, dividends of democracy!

“Your Excellency, we the teeming, and ever increasing contributory pensioners in Osun State, are solidly behind you, and your government!

“We are not, and will never be antagonistic to your government, in any form, whatsoever!”

The duo concluded that though there are still many grounds to be covered to correct the ills of the past government, they prayed that the infinite mercies of the Lord shall continue to abide with the governor and his government.


  1. We really appreciate you sir our amiable Governor. You will live to succeed in life endeavors and in your political arena. Thanks so much sir.

  2. I, Chief Joseph Oyadiran of NUPCPS OYO STATE CHAPTERS congratulate our members in Osun State for this achievement. I also show the appreciation of our Union to the Government of Osun State for this great feat
    We are grateful and wish you happy tenure I Osun State. Thanks

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