Many troubles, triumphs of Ademola Adeleke

TWO MONTHS down the lane, Osun State residents would go to the polls to elect a candidate as governor. 15 candidates would vie for this coveted post from 15 different political parties. However, the fight is a straight fight between two political parties, the ruling party, All Progressives Congress, APC, and Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

However, none of the candidates has been vilified like the candidate of PDP, Otunba Ademola Adeleke. He has been maligned, attacked, denigrated and disparaged. He has been called a dullard, mocked as dancer and ridiculed as “money missed road”.

Just Wednesday, he triumphed over one of his traducers, Prince Dotun Babayemi at the Federal High Court, Osogbo.

It was rumoured that it was Senator Fadahunsi that was behind the case and other cases which he engineered because he had a deal with Senator Iyiola Omisore, the newly elected National Secretary of APC, in order to retain his senatorial seat. However, in a statement on Wednesday, sighted by The Telescope, the Media Team of Senator Fadahunsi claimed the rumour was just a rumour and not the reality.

In a twist, Babayemi called on people to ensure victory of PDP at the polls.

Meanwhile, another case against the person of Senator Ademola Adeleke is slated for today, Monday at the Federal High Court. It was a suit instituted by Ademola Bayonle Adeseye, the Governorship Candidate of Young Progressives Party, YPP.

Earlier, the State Chairman and Governorship Candidate of Boot Party, Prince Adeleke Masilo had taken Senator Ademola Adeleke to court before the National Executives of Boot Party ordered him to withdraw the frivolous case as he did not informed the party before setting out on the ridiculous journey. He was forced to withdraw the case and tendered an apology.

Last Thursday, while kick starting his campaign at Ile Ife, incumbent governor, Alhaji Adegboyega Isiaka Oyetola joined the frayed when he took a jab at Senator Adeleke that “I am happy that the Ooni knows that I have good intention to govern this State. I may not be able to buy private jets, but I have all it takes to fix Osun. I don’t have hard currencies to splash around and I don’t believe in a fire-for-fire approach, but I am confident of victory in the next governorship election because of the modest achievements of our administration and the wide acceptance from our people in the last three-and-a-half years”, forgetting that he and his principal, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu had boasted that he had money more than Osun State during the campaign runs at the Ataoja of Osogbo Imperial Palace in 2018.

The Telescope went to town to look at the issues that have been raised against the PDP candidate to bring out the facts out of fables.

It is no news that dancing is one of the passions of Senator Ademola Adeleke which he has been mocked with and his purported dullness and education smartness and people spoken to air their views.

Shola Adebisi opined that the office of “governor is a serious one and it is not for clowns. We need serious people to hold the office and not a dancer”.

When she was pressed further and she was asked if she was not aware of presidents who were actors, footballers, comedians, etc. She sheepishly uttered, “That is what people are saying. The problems of the state is too much, we need serious minded people who knows what they are doing”.

A policeman (who did not want his name in print)  at the premises of the Auditor General office, beside the Federal High Court, on the judgement day in the case instituted by Prince Dotun Babayemi against Senator Ademola Adeleke pointed out that “Adeleke is being demonised for nothing. How many of the so called leaders in federal ministries are qualified. It is only in the south that we cry over such things.

“I believe the court would throw away the case. The question is, is he capable of ruling a state? Let the electorates decide. They are just wasting time and giving the opposition chance to weaken them. That is, if it is not the opposition that is sponsoring them.

“Imagine the latest lie, he was taken out of context that he said he would spend dollars and pound sterling to win election.

“I have the full video, what he said was that people should not worry about the opposition spending money, that he is also ready to match them. That if it is Naira, Dollar or Pound Sterling, he is ready”.

One of Senator Ademola Adeleke’s lawyers, Hashim Abioye Esq., captured it all when he said “public perception is difficult to change. You need to be with Senator Adeleke for just few minutes before you will know that he is not only deep, but knowledgeable in many fields.

“Imagine how they adorned Otunba Iyiola Omisore with the toga of a violent man. You need to see him to know that he is a gentle person. Till tomorrow, he is still battling to change that perception.

“Senator Adeleke is not a dull person, yes, he likes to dance and he has not hidden it from anybody. You just need to listen to him to see how knowledgeable a person he is. They have just latched on to a sentence, he is dull, he is a dancer. Once he wins the election, people will see that he is a better governor”.

James Abiodun laughed at the question and said “what can actually capture the real issue here is a joke going round the social media that Ukrainian President is a comedian acting like a general while Nigerian president is a general acting like a comedian. Come on, this man they claimed is a dullard was a director of Guinness. He owns businesses. To even prove them wrong openly, he went back to school and his graduation was beamed live.

“All is politics and it can only do temporary damage to him. See what happened in the last election; despite their propaganda, the guy still trashed them at the polls. What saved them was a new political trick called “inconclusive” and INEC has come out to say that this time around, Osun election would be conclusive”.

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