How The Telescope Nigeria predicted Adeleke’s victory

LIKE THE Telescope Nigeria hundred percent correctly predicted the outcome of Ekiti Governorship Election, The Telescope Nigeria has once again hundred percent analysed correctly the outcome of the just concluded Osun Governorship Election.

In an analysis titled “Top 4 candidates to watch in Osun Election”, we had stated that “PDP is billed to win, while APC will come in second and Accord third while Labour Party will come in fourth”.

The analysis which has come to pass read thus:

“Baring any revolutionary hiccups, the Osun Election would be ruled by the following parties’ candidates. They are the ruling party, All Progressives Congress, APC, (Gboyega Oyetola); Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, (Ademola Adeleke); Labour Party, LP, (Lasun Yusuff) and Accord Party, A, (Akin Ogunbiyi).

“Apart from being the incumbent, Oyetola has become a household name and his party have been on the ground in the last eleven years. However, it has been hit with division as topmost of its echelon stayed glued to the TOP championed by the former governor, Rauf Aregbesola.

“It could be recalled that in 2018, it was the defection of Iyiola Omisore that took the chunk of votes away from PDP, same would play out in some areas where APC decampee, Lasun Yusuf hold sway, with the exemption of his local government which Bose Afolabi is eroding for APC.

“Oyetola is a force in the coming election but it would be hard sell to state clearly that he will win the election.

“Seun Adeleye captured it thus, “Oyetola has stepped on toes coupled with his attempt to rubbish the works of his boss, Aregbesola. How can somebody that is ruling with 480 mandate rubbished the voice of over a hundred thousand that stamped the policies of Aregbesola in his comeback bid in 2014?

“It would be a hard sell. The way I see it, the TOP guys are lurking at the corner playing double game. Surreptitiously, they are supporting Ademola (PDP) to win the election and on the other hand they will deal with Oyetola legally to ensure he does not form the government even if he wins the election. The case is in court to disqualify him that he was not qualified to run for the election been a member of the same caretaker committee that oversaw the primaries”.

Ademola Adeleke is favoured to win the July 16 elections, all indices considered. “He has been able to let the masses know that he is not a dullard as his opponents would want to make people believe. He has been able to campaign to the admiration of electorates. He gave a good account of himself at the BBC Yoruba Debate.

“The obstacle he may have is ability to identify moles that APC may have planted in his camp as this has surfaced in many discussions over the weeks.

“The other factor that may impede his victory is the issue of vote buying and violence which may make his supporters not to come out en masse.

“However, he is taking proactive steps by calling on the Inspector General of Police to the violence his supporters are being subjected to and the ploy to arrest some of them.

“Tunde Adekolajo painted the picture, “I wonder why APC is panicking. They are trying to pick up everybody. What are they afraid of? Emir they are asking CP to arrest was their member until he decamped. They know he knows their secret, that is why they don’t want him to be around for the elections, but this time around the will of the people would play out”.

Despite the statement put out by Kunle Oyatomi, Esq, APC spokesperson, that PDP will take a distant third and APC will dance to victory, PDP is favoured to win this election.

“Akin Ogunbiyi has done massive jobs meeting groups, employing credible election observers as if he is preparing for the Election Tribunal beforehand. His reach is within the PDP clan he just left as the trail of Accord had remained cold in Osun State. He is favoured to come in third.

“Right Honourable Lasun is coming in fourth. It would be a miracle if he can win his local government, Irepodun. Bose Afolabi, Ogo Oluwa’s daughter, who was his erstwhile Personal Assistant, now running for the House of assembly seat is working assiduously for the Oyetola ticket to prepare the ground for her own election. But PDP is ramping up supporters to turn round its fortune. It came close second in 2018 and it is doing all possible to ensure that like Orolu, Irepodun is in its kitty.

“Though he has a better agricultural programme than any of the contestants, he does not have the political reach to do the trick and his party, Labour Party, erstwhile number three in Osun can hardly be reckoned with now.

“Baring massive vote buying and violence, PDP is billed to win, while APC will come in second and Accord third while Labour Party will come in fourth.

However, election is not four plus four that gives eight, four plus four might turn to four or zero”.


  1. Your analysis on the election was dead on target. Kudos to your team of analyst.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your kind words. We strive to be objective in our analysis as we rely mostly on you readers for your opinion.

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