Evil Distractions from the Darkness

THERE IS this analogy of the road to salvation and perdition in the Holy Bible. It speaks of narrow and the broad road. Over the ages people have been warned against taking the broad road because it is filled with distractions.

However, we now know the reason for this. The broad road is full of ease and cosy living that could distract man to alluring sleep of death. This is the reason the Lord Jesus Christ warned the young rich fellow to dispense his wealth and follow His Words of Truth because Jesus could see that for this young man, his wealth was the stumbling block.

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This does not mean that the narrow road is devoid of distractions. The picture painted is that it is full of thorns and stones. We all know that there is nothing more distracting from a goal than pain. The pain may make a man lose his grip, fall headlong and have his head smashed! End of mission! The reason for the thorns and stones is a discourse for another day.

I have not come upon a major road without branch offs. And only a minute number of trees grow without branches. There is no purpose that would not be faced with distractions, but daily the evil principles is clothing these distractions in heavily coloured and perfumed attire that even the most discernible are falling for this trick and thereby losing their ways.

Let us forget about beauty that has been taking over by lustre. The falsehood of living that can be gleaned with the false lives of our women and girls – false hair, false eyelashes, false nails, false colour and falsetto voices women have taken over like they have appropriated men’s fashion.

The latest in these Evil Distractions has come in the name of DNA – DeoxyriboNucleic acid. This beautiful tool which was unearthed by gifted ones to help humanity in its development is being turned into a distraction, an evil one at that.

Let me state ab initio that no one is advocating promiscuity.

DNA has been used to map human body issues to fuel development, it has been used to nab criminals, it has been used to nab irresponsible people who sow their oat all over the place without intending to take responsibility for children so fathered.

However, it has been turned into one of the evil distractions, a joke taken too far. It reared itself again through the misinformation about the death of a man married to a banker. It was alleged that her children were fathered by her boss. If this is so it amounts to cruelty, lies and theft. But if it is not, then people who started the story and those that spread it, in the face of the Eternal Laws are guilty of stealing, lies, cruelty and murder!

People may not know the extent of damage this wrong usage of DNA as a joke can cost humanity. It is the characteristics of the darkness to take away from humanity the ability to remember. It is taking away from humanity the ability to remember the real purpose of giving birth to a child.

Abd-ru-shin has stated clearly in His Work, In The Light of Truth The Grail Message the real purpose of earthly birth. He went further to lecture on the purpose of the physical body and gives extensive lectures on composition of blood, its radiation and the uses these and many more could be put to not only advance man on earth but that which uses the body as its housing, the spirit of man.

It is so sad that all over the social media what one sees are thoughtless jokes about illegitimate children and derisive calls to go for a DNA test.

The children are not yours, in love; they are permitted like you the opportunity to wander on earth to develop to consciousness, which which they could not do in the lower part of paradise where they originated from. You only provided the opportunity and their physical body. Like Khalil Gibran said, you can cloth their body you cannot house their souls.

However, the distraction from the darkness has turned children into property “owned” and that must be provided for while the parents are living on earth and when they have passed on. This alone has brought in its trail many an evil!

Many misappropriate funds in their care, embezzled money, steal money, kill others to make money in order to “leave enough” for “their children”. The children are not yours. Like you, they are here to develop to consciousness. Most of these children would not even care for the “old design” houses or “old version” property you will leave them.

With the derisive jokes about DNA, the darkness has given you another evil distraction that is further taking away from you the real purpose of earthly birth. If you must carry out DNA to establish the paternity of your children, what about the high people in all races that adopt children do? The purpose is to give opportunity to these children to have the opportunity to develop consciousness.

The joke is on you this time around though. It shows you lack the capacity to grasp the Grace inherent in the opportunity of each earthly birth. Shun all distractions and face the journey, whether on the broad road or the narrow road; it is what you previously chose through your intuition, thoughts, words and deeds. As you lay your bed so shall you sleep on it.

It is high time you start preparing your future today with good intuition, good thoughts, good words and good deeds which Abd-ru-shin has given as the only way to have a better future and the opportunity to advance in time out of the world to lower part of Paradise, the abode of the human spirit. As a great gift to yourself, in this New Year, make the effort to read the book, In The Light of Truth The Grail Message given to mankind by Abd-ru-shin; even if you have to borrow a copy!

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