Decency is no pride, Bishop Job admonishes as Bankole Jobs is interred

AS THE earthly remains of Engr. George Bankole Job is interred last Friday, the erosion of values and morals came to the fore when Bishop Alaba Job chastised the society for throwing caution to the winds in their dealings.

He cautioned that this life is but a journey that will come to an end one day.

“Whatever you have, whatever money or property you have, they will leave you before you depart this world.

“It’s shameful that people come to the church and right at the front of the church; you see them painting their lips and face.

“They have dropped everything and taken to the social media

“You should retrace your steps. Because, if you ask those who prepare the body of the dead, they will tell you that dead people speak. What do they say, “one day it will be your turn”.

“Life is full of vanity, desist from it”.

After the Burial Mass Service at The Most Pure Heart of Mary, Esure, Ijebu Imushin, the earthly body was interred at his house beside his hotel, Geobojas Hotel.

Thereafter, guests were treated to lavish entertainment.

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