EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP is an essential element for the success and prosperity of any society. Leaders play a critical role in providing direction, inspiration, and guidance to their followers and navigating complex challenges that arise within their communities. When leaders are able to perform their roles effectively, they can bring aboutContinue Reading

EVERY TRANSFORMATION process begins with a vision. Someone, or some people, conceives an idea of a future that is immensely desirable and different from the present. This vision must be compelling. For those who are content with the present, the vision will instigate dissatisfaction. For those who are already dissatisfiedContinue Reading

Listen, to the bard called Beautiful Nubia. I see them everywhere on the street wasting their lives away Youth can’t find no direction to put their energies I see them in Europe and America looking for hope Everywhere they go, they’re lonely, can’t find a warm bed Do you likeContinue Reading