Rebuilding the national values

ONE THING that nobody can argue about is that Nigeria’s ethos, norms and values have been eroded over the decades.

It has never been this bad!

In 1994 when the Muhammadu Buhari and Tunde Idiagbon led military administration introduced the War Against Indiscipline, WAI, Nigeria was not this bad. What was disorder has given way to avalanche of misdeeds, misnomer and outright criminality.

Scuffles have turned to skirmishes and skirmishes have turned to internecine war. Clans now fight against clans, tribes against tribes and tribes against the nation.

Though a civil war was fought, the war the nation is fighting is more deadly. During the civil war, enemies of state were known and could be identified, the enemies of these days, though in plain sight, could not be identified.

They have been given different sobriquets depending on the divide you belong. There are the bandits, the louts, the boko haram, the terrorists, the agitators. Nigeria has never had it this bad!

This is the time to have a rethink and rebuild the lost national values.

To be successful in this, it must not be a short term programme. It must be a long term programme with milestone checkers to ensure its success.

It should be embedded in the curriculum right from the primary school level to the university level.

Children must be thought to show respect to themselves, their peers and adults. They must be taught etiquette of life in different dimension.

This must start from the home.

Things are getting out of hands. You can easily find teenagers walking the road, eating, chewing with their trousers sagged, shirts unbuttoned. Don’t think these lads and lasses are from illiterate, uncivilised families. No they are your average neighbours.

It is even getting worse with the ladies. They expose all their bodies to the prying eyes of scavengers. Is it absurd that cases of rape have increased?

They lie with ease, they cheat and steal. These they call reparation. Money owed their forebears.

Is it a wonder that we are going this way? No. Their parents steal from the national covers, humongous amount of national treasure.

Honesty must be restored at all levels.

The first thing is instilling in these youngsters the proper ways of doing things. This is the way the nation can get it right.

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