Oyetola and his 50 lawyers

Gboyega Oyetola

I’M STILL searching for explanation on the data that produced Nigeria as the happiest country in the world when I read the report that recently defeated Osun State Governor, Alhaji Isiaka Oyetola after studying the gubernatorial polls with the elders of his party has decided to confront the victor, Senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke with 50 lawyers!

I wondered if the outgoing governor thinks 50 lawyers would intimidate anybody or including the winner of the election which went too smoothly than anticipated.

Yoruba is very rich in culture and wise saying and I love to indulge in them whenever I see any bemusement.

One of such saying that comes to mind is that of Jimoh’s mother that got to Jimoh’s mosque and basking in the opulence of the mosque sighed and exclaimed “see my son’s house”.

It is clear to the blind and loud enough for the deaf to know that Oyetola lost the election to a better prepared candidate and an almost united political party. What he should do is to reflect on the idiotic situations that made his four plus four turned to minus 28, 344.

It would have been surprising to me if I had not come across a chat purportedly by Professor Jega, the former boss of Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, who told a story about one of his late friends who lost an election. He said it was clear he lost the election but he still proceeded to the Election Tribunal. And when he asked him what he thought he was doing, the friend replied that a serious politician do not concede defeat easily, else his party men and women would abandon him and move to the opposing camp but if he goes to court, they will continue to throw banters and for a long time they would be together and start preparing for another election.

Methinks that is what Oyetola is after. Or what else would you call his action?

In 2018, Adeleke had a better case, what came out of the Election Tribunal? Zilch! Same would be Oyetola’s fate, save the fact that he may succeed in holding together the tatters of the broom binding rope which has been shredded by former governor now Minister, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola. His “wallahi a fibo le” song is too sweet a lyric to forget in a jiffy.

To crown a clowning week was another absurd statement by his spokesperson, Ismail Omipidan, who in his attempt to show that BBC Yoruba has some unprofessional staff members only succeeded in boxing himself to the old age cul-de-sac that half filled and half empty bottle is not the same.

If Aregbesola, who Oyetola served as Chief of Staff for eight years owed the civil servants 15 months’ salary and Oyetola inherited both the assets and liabilities of government, would it be wrong to say Oyetola, the present governor owes staff salary?

What has he been doing in the last three and a half years that he has not pay off the debt with his self acclaimed economic wizardry?

If the incoming governor fails to pay off that debt in the first two years of his administration, it would not be wrong to say that he owes staff salary.

I think it would not be wrong to say Nigerians are jesters, not necessarily the happiest person on earth.

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