Osun Weeps!

  • Aftermath of desecration

  • Mishaps linked to missing deity

IF NOT for a Daniel that sat on the throne of High Court, Osogbo, 2019 Osun Osogbo would have been put on hold. However, my Lord Justice Ayoola gave a ruling that protected the integrity of the Osun Festival and uphold, albeit temporarily, till the substantive suit is heard, the rights of the applicant, in this case Dr. Adigun Olosun.

At the sideline in court, Dr. Olosun had told The Telescope Nigeria that “It is a great sacrilege that has been committed with the removal and subsequent selling of the totems of Osun that reside in the big calabash that Arugba takes to Osun.

“When it was sold, I was told and I could not believe it. I thereafter contacted elders of Osogbo and they subsequently got back to me that it was not so.

However, the people that bought it could not take it to Europe via the air. They got stuck in Lome and they reached out to me.

“I thereafter went to Lome and salvage the heritage of Osun, Yoruba race and indeed that of humanity”.

After the case was heard and a ruling made, a call was made to the plaintiff lawyer Lukman Adeleke, who explained that his client was ready to comply with the order of the court to continue in office pending the determination of the substantive suit.

Dr. Olosun told The Telescope Nigeria on phone that in “compliance with the court order, I sent two initiates to take charge”.

On further probe, he revealed that the installed Baba Osun and Iya Osun by the Ataoja were also said to be present in contravention of the order of the court.

When he was asked if he had returned the Osun totems into the calabash, he revealed that it was an empty calabash that was taken to the shrine.

“The Osun (totem) is still with me where I kept it. They took an empty calabash to the shrine. Moreover, a woman must not see where the calabash was being prepared but I have it on authority that it was prepared openly”.

When asked of the consequences that could arise from the disobedience to the norms of Osun, Dr. Olosun categorically said “If Osun is not a benevolent deity; a heavy calamity would have befallen the town, state and Nigeria”.

When he was further probed, he opened up. “There have been series of sudden deaths in Osogbo and even within the confine of the palace since the king dabbled into the affairs of Osun. The head of his family of Opele died mysteriously, his child also died; his 18 year old was killed by a gun within the palace. People have been dying over Osogbo since this whole thing started in November 2018.”

He gave a breakdown of the incident which according to him started in October 2018 and repercussions started rolling in in November 2018.

“On October 10, 2018, I was about to travel to Taiwan when I got a phone call.

“The call was from a Togo number.

“He claimed “they” were in possession of Osun Osogbo. He said they paid to acquire it from one tall woman who called herself Iya Osun, with the consent of the king. I requested to know how they got my phone number. The caller claimed they had asked their contacts in Osogbo for phone numbers of those who were previously in the Osun temple. I wanted to know why they were calling me from Togo. He admitted that they could not put Osun into the aircraft, that it suddenly became heavy, that even a forklift could not move it. More importantly, someone among their team had a dream in which Osun had berated him, refused to go with them to their destination, and insisted she is returned to Osogbo her home, not to those presently occupying the temple, but to those who previously cared for her.

“I was perplexed, moreso because I was far away from Osogbo. After the call, I briefed Chief Ajagunna, the head of the Osogbo chiefs and Chief Elebuibon.

“Looking for a way out, I told this faceless group I was about to embark on a two-week journey. I asked for their names and their numbers. They declined. They said they would reach out to me at the appropriate time and they did.

“After my trip, they called again. In the meantime, Ajagunna told me they asked the king about Osun and the king assured them Osun was in the temple. I used that as a bluff the next time the people called me. They claimed to be antique collectors who sold their relics in the market in Europe and America. They suggested it was better I came around to see with my very eyes before dismissing them. What I saw was the authentic Osun. I couldn’t have mistaken. I mean, that is what I have been worshipping all my life. They said if I involved the police, I should consider Osun gone forever. I did not want to take a chance. I could not allow my life, the life of Osogbo and of Osun followers all over the world to just go like that. It was not a time for bluffing.

“Then I asked them to hand her over to me since Osun had refused to go with them. They asked for a refund of N15 million––according to them, money they allegedly paid to the king for the acquisition, the cost of transporting Osun from Osogbo to Lagos and to Lome in Togo, and the first-class tickets already bought for their flight to Europe. They were adamant that I could only get Osun back after paying them. They gave me a Tuesday deadline. I discussed the issue with the high chiefs of Osogbo and Araba Elebuibon. I ended up raising the fund alone.

“Then I went to meet them in Ibadan. They took me on Okada blindfolded to where Osun was kept. The journey lasted about two minutes. They took my phone. Once they agreed the money was complete, they handed me Osun and also returned my phone. Then they left. Because I was taken there blindfolded, I had difficulty getting my bearing. I had to ask my way back to the road.”

He further said the only thing that could put a stop to this evil is if Osun is returned to her place.

Efforts to reach the Ifa Priest, High Chief Yemi Elebuibon, Chief Ajagunna, the Palace Secretary and the Ataoja himself failed as their phones rang without a return call, perhaps because of the preparation for the coming Isese Day.

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