Nigerians back Buhari’s impeachment

Major Gen. Muhammadu Buhari retired

LAST WEEK when the hoopla of impeachment was raised against the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret’d), it was a mixed reaction from the populace. While some believe the senators, especially since the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP’s senators were joined after their workout by some All Progressives Congress, APC’s senators and the rumoured defection of 12 APC’s senators who purportedly served their notice to cross to the other side of the isle; others see it as a ruse and self serving either as pay back for losing their re-election bid at their party primaries.

Taiwo Ikudaisi was amused, “Why now at the tail end of Buhari’s clueless regime? This ought to have taken place since the last year of his first term. But it seems the lawmakers were benefiting from the system.

“How come it was after many have failed in their re-election bid at the primaries that they started talking about impeachment or is it because of the heat that has been turned massively on Abuja by terrorists that has reset their brain?

“To me if they can see it through, it will help assuage the suffering we masses have gone through from this heatless party and his lacklustre leaders”.

James Ideho believes “the senators are looking for parting gifts from the president. If not so, why did they wait this long? We have been shouting that things are not right. Ordinary citizens cannot afford two meals a day. Prices are shooting out of the roof yet there was nothing from the lawmakers.

“Out of the blues we started hearing about impeachment; let’s see if they can see it through. If they did, it would be an achievement on their part to set the record straight for the future generation that we once had a deceiver, clueless and heatless Buhari as a president of most populous country in Africa.

Adekunle Adelegan said “It is better late than never. Everything has collapsed in the country. Unemployment is at its highest. Undergraduates have been home for onward of six months. Lecturers have started migrating out and others have been found hawking. Prices of materials and foodstuff are skyrocketing by the hour. Don’t even speak about the exchange rate.

“What about his promise to end Boko Haram in six months? Now Boko Haram is threatening to kidnap and kill the President and Governor of Kaduna State. What insolence? It can only happen in a regime of incompetent, clueless and clownish Buhari.

“If it is possible, the National Assembly should fast track the process. So that it would be a lesson for all that if you are not capable of holding an office, please don’t aspire to it, even if you are forced.

“Do you know how many lives have been lost because of Buhari’s ineptitude? Imagine, it took the Kaduna Governor to let him know that terrorists are threatening him and he still retains the service chiefs. The country has lost all its glory under Buhari and it will take a strong leader to right all these wrongs”.

David Ekanem prayed that “the National Assembly succeed in their quest to impeach him. His name is better put in the dustbin of history than anywhere. If he is allowed to end his tenure next year, one can only wonder how much the Naira would be to the Dollar.

“Bakers increased prices of loaves before Naira dipped to N710 to a $1, I believe they would soon announce another increase when reality dawn on them.

“If we are a serious people, we should even march to Aso Rock like the Sri Lankans did and remove the so called president. Or is it after nearly all the country has died either at the hands of terrorists or hunger before something would be done? I will still give kudos to the lawmakers for thinking about it but they should see it through without any delay.

“Well meaning Nigerians should also lend their voices to it and support the assembly to achieve the impeachment”.

Ganiyat Aboderin wondered “Are you sure Buhari is aware that they want to impeach him. It seems he is not interested in the country. The other day it was ElRufai that let him know terrorists were threatening him. But it is a good thing. He should be impeached even before he knows and they should just serve him the letter.

“It will serve as a lesson to those jostling to become the next president. We should subject all of them to serious scrutiny when they come around to campaign and where they could not provide answers to our questions, we should tell them there and then that they cannot rule us.

“We are too laid back. It is time all of us wake up to our civic duty to protect this country from bad leaders who only provide for their immediate families and cronies.”

James Alade said “Please I just want him to go. If he likes himself, he should even resign to save us from further hardship. He does not understand anything about ruling.

“During his time as Head of State, though I was young, I was told that it was his deputy (Tunde Idiagbon) that was actually the face of the regime. Even now, Osinbajo is far brighter than him. He should go back and be tending to his cows.”

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