Letter to my children

Yesterday was Father’s Day and I want to use the opportunity to speak as a father to the generality of children, the world over.

The period of your youth should not be wasted. Make full use of it as you are developing in other not to have any regrets in your old age.

Your life is yours and does not belong to anybody, not to your parents and certainly not to your peers.

Orderliness is the first key thing you must learn. Learn to follow the rules. There should be no short cut in the race of life. The steps of life must be lived through thoroughly and no step must be skipped.

You must not measure your life with that of anybody, else you become a copy of the person. It is through to have mentors, but not for you to copy them but to learn from them.

This entails learning how to crawl before you walk and how to walk before you can run! Even where your parents insist please do not skip a class. All classes have their lessons which would come handing in future assignments. There is no competition save with yourself – to be better than who you were yesterday.

Responsibility is to follow orderliness. You must learn to be responsible for your actions. This will make it simple for you to understand the Laws of Nature which stipulates that whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap more abundantly.

Where errors have been committed, please own up. This will only increase your consciousness to avoid such in the future. Lying to cover up can only debase you, even where you cleverly cover it up.

Dear child, your responsibility starts from the little things of life like taking care of your room and environment. Pack your plates from the table and wash it immediately. Do not dump it in the sink. Your mother is not your slaves, she just helped to bring you to this world.

Remember one of the sayings of Khalil Gibran. To paraphrase him, you are of your parents but you are not from them. They can provide your clothing but not your soul. This means you are an individual, separate from your parents. Like them, you are a sojourner on earth to learn how to become a human spirit capable of knowing how to live in Paradise (Aljanna).

Talking about knowing how to be a human spirit, don’t you think that dressing should be one of the first things to think about?

Often it is said that the way you dress is the way you are addressed. Dressing is a reflection of your spirit. A clean spirit would not dress in a dirty clothe, nor would it stay in a dirty environment.

Poverty has nothing to do with your dressing or your environment. If you have only two pairs of cloth and you ensure they are washed well and ironed, it will show the type of human spirit you are. Cleanliness is what matter most.

Remember that I told you earlier that you are a unique individual; then there is no need for you to copy others. Be yourself. Design your cloth to suit your spirit. Do not follow the fad in fashion. It may make you look cool but it is eating the fabric of your soul. There is nothing as cool as donning your cultural attire. It gives you solid foundation and makes you think soundly. It is not for nothing that it is said that behave like the Romans if you live in Rome. You are in your country, dress accordingly.

You my dear girl, you are a gem beautifully made and nothing and nobody must make you dress in a way to expose your body. For you girl, your dressing is like your thought, it attracts the gaze and presence of like mind.

You can test it, if you dress in a worse way; you will receive applause and wao from depraved men and vice versa.

If you dress like a queen, so shall you be treated!

Now that we have touched the issue of thought; let me tell you that your thoughts are not free. They are as tangible as your action and you shall pay for them as you will pay for your actions.

Dear child, your thought becomes your words, your words become your action and your action becomes you – your destiny.

I want you think deeply about what I have told you and start living accusingly. But let me warn you; once you start on this right road, you will receive lots of jeers from your peers calling you all sorts of names. Please dear child don’t listen to them. It is your life and not theirs.

It is now that I can accept from you your happy father’s day because I have done my duty to let you know how you should live your life, at least part of it.

We get to learn more some other time but remember, it is your life and only you can live it in a way that will make you better than yesterday. In that alone can you find good life.

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