Kindness with no love

NO NORMAL human being would fail to comply with advice that will protect it from danger save the ones called “adọ́run mọ Òótó” – people with too late to cry mentality.

But majority of those living on the shore of Nigeria, that is, if we can call it living, are far from being normal. They have been bashed, brutalised, beaten by despotic actions of their “rigged in” leaders. The so called leaders over the years have given just a little to the led, to ensure they merely survive to be used to validate their “leadership” every recurring four years.

The present COVID 19 has brought into the fore the lack of love in Nigerian brand of leadership and Nigerians may pay dearly for this.

One good thing is that Nigerians like the rest of the world would have learnt serious lessons that human beings are not the only guests on Earth. That “me only” syndrome is an anathema. That for progress and development of the individual to achieve its aim of coming to learn on Earth, interdependency is a must.

As the COVID 19 ravages the world, instructions that ordinarily people should have fashioned out themselves if they have learnt to see the love in the Commandments of God and make it a way of life, were rolled out and recalcitrant human beings still needed to be goaded, forced to follow the instructions.

It was alleged that Russian President Vladimir Putin had to release Lions to ensure compliance. This has been debunked though. But we have seen police, soldiers on some streets in different countries.

Like everything, Nigerian leaders copied the instructions and like all copycats they did not understand the love behind the act of kindness those instructions are meant to serve.

How do you want a driver leaving in a one room apartment with a wife and four children to self isolate?

The myriad of instructions to ban schooling, crowding in market places, public transportation and even in the fun seekers’ enclave called joints and bars did not come with a single palliative save the N20 skimmed off petrol price. That this was hesitantly done show in it not reflecting in kerosene and gas prices, which could have benefitted the masses more.

Is it not ridiculous that while some countries were paying their stay at home citizen, a thousand dollars and others are paying them four months minimum wage and yet others are paying their rents and their domestic servants’ wages, Nigerian leaders, the copycats are shouting “comply to safe humanity” without any trace of human kindness in them.

Osun State asked town shuttles to reduce passengers to 60 percent of their usual passengers. This is without a thought of how the drivers would make ends meet. There ought to have been a palliative. An instruction that commercial vehicles should go to designated filling stations to take 30 litres of petrol per week would have been the clincher to compliance.

However, like the leaders, the led are also swimming in the ” me syndrome”. Instead of the transport union leaders to meet with government functionaries with well thought out palliatives for their members, those spoken to are mulling the idea of increasing fare by 50 percent without thinking of hardship that would cause commuters.

Ridiculously, the Central Bank has come out with N50b palliative. As usual it’s a loan package through NIRSAL and you need to bring the marriage certificate of your great grandfather. Can’t we learn from past mistakes? How can we be doing the same things over and over and expect different result.

All past leaders’ wrongdoings are coming to bite all of us. No part of the country can boast of good hospitals not to talk of well equipped ones. That’s why kudos must be given to Governor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno State with his isolation centre equipped with 40 scan machine. In the land of the blind, one eyed man is the king!

Governors are elected and paid to administer their states but governors are now waiting for others to make pronouncements before they fall in line. This dilly-dallying has cost Nigerians a lot and if care is not taken, it will still cost us more.

If The President has taken the threat seriously, land borders, airports and moving in and out ought to have been in place at least a month back. Now we are in the “had I know” situation.

If he had done what he was been paid for, an Abba Kyari would not have been allowed to travel at that time and even if he did, he would have had the common sense to self isolate. Now the president would be in the watch list, the vice president, top Federal officials and many governors. He was even said to have attended the wedding hosted by the Inspector General of Police. We all know how many top of the cream of our society that would be in attendance. To me it is fallacy of the highest order that Nigerians with COVID 19 are less than 100.

This is not to make people panic but to let them see the danger unthinking actions can lead to. It endangers not only the recalcitrant but others who may cross his path – the drivers, supermarket attendants, bell boys, etc.

In all these, mankind has shown that it has not understood the long standing admonition to love our neighbours as ourselves.

If we do, then COVID 19 would not have escalated to this unthinkable number of victims.

It has been said many times over that one cannot give what he does not have. We lack love, how then can we give love to our neighbours? We should note that the only way to help ourselves is to seek for the right knowledge. The Bible points out that the people perish for lack of knowledge; the Quran ask readers to search for knowledge even if it will take them to the end of the Earth. Why then are human beings so stiff necked?

What you give reflects your inner being! Given instructions without inherent love, shows who we are, after all leaders are chosen from the populace. The Yoruba capped it with a saying “ohun tí ó wà nínú ẹni ni ọtí ńpa jáde” – your actions when inebriated depicts your real inner self.

Abd-ru-shin in His Work, In The Light of Truth The Grail Message states, “Every earthly action can only be con­sidered as the outward expression of an inward process. By “inward process” is meant a spiritual intuitive volition. Each volition of the intuitive perception is a spiritual action which becomes decisive for every man’s existence, because it brings about ascent or descent. In no case may it be put on the same level with thought volition!”

We should do away with building of external props and concentrate in reflections that would build our inner self which guarantees our learning the lesson we come here to learn so that we can go back to where we come from – Paradise! The only way to do this is to seek fervently the right knowledge!

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