High cost of rams threatens Ileya

  • Early birds to smile home

  • Ripples of insurgency blamed

By Oluwaseun ADEOLA

HIGH COST of rams may reduce the number of Islamic faithful that would perform the traditional rites of ram slaughtering on Ileya festival Day.

Investigations by The Telescope Nigeria showed that there were too many ram retailers chasing fewer numbers of rams than last year.

A ram retailer, Prince Adewale Adedapo disclosed that “There was considerable rise in the prices of rams this year that last year. We complained last year that the prices of ram were high and it was understandable, because of the insurgency but this year we were surprised due to the fact that the government claimed it has defeated boko haram. But with what we have seen here, people are still complaining about insurgency as one of the causes of high cost on rams and other livestock.

    Prince Adewale Adedapo

“Even in far away areas like Nguru, Gari Alkali, Babangida, all in Yobe State and Potiskum, Bauchi, and even the border towns with Niger Republic, prices have simply hit the roof”.

A ram seller, Seriki Geida disclosed that ram prices increased by as much as thirty five percent over last year’s price. This he attributed to too many people chasing fewer rams.

“Another issue is the cost of transportation. Last year a trailer from Kano to Lagos cost around N90, 000 to N120, 000 and from a place like Nguru it was around N120, 000 to N135, 000 but this year, Kano to Lagos had risen to as high as N160, 000 while Nguru is between N155, 000 to N220, 000 and it is still rising. I can assure you that about seven days to Ileya traders would pay as high as N300, 000 for a trailer from Nguru to Lagos.

“My advice to Muslims is to ensure they buy their ram in time this year as late arrivals would be higher in price due to the cost of transportation”.

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