Don wants revamping of health centres designs

By Lyric BAHM, Abuja

A RENOWNED environmentalist, Professor Bassey Etim Ubom has called for a review and improvement of the design of health centres in the country to make them environmentally friendly and serve communities well.

Professor Bassey Etim Ubom, who teaches Environmental Science at the University of Abuja explained in an interview that many of the health centres were constructed far from the people who should benefit from their services.

He also regretted that many of the health centres have been abandoned due to lack of drugs and facilities as well as health personnel to make them functional for the benefit of the communities.

The concerned environmentalist also warned that environmental degradation and uncontrolled activities of populations such as dumping refuse everywhere, open defecation and carbon emissions were creating frightening pollution within the environment nationwide.

“Everybody must understand how to redesign and respect the environment to benefit the community in a healthy manner because health is wealth. We cannot be wealthy except we are healthy. There are lots of bastardising of space in the country resulting from abject poverty. We must change our negative mindset to impact positively on our environment.

“We are all guilty of the degradation of the environment. The level of Clorofloro-carbon emissions from smoking engines contribute to depleting the ozone layer which protects harsh sun rays from entering the earth atmosphere and harming human beings,” Professor Bassey Etim Ubom said.

He urged policy makers to rebrand the nation with the safety and wellbeing of the environment in mind.

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