Beekeeper enlists pilfering bears as honey testers

AN EXPERIENCED beekeeper from Turkey’s Black Sea Region, İbrahim Sedef, has come up with an ingenious way of having his honey tested by the same bears that used to steal it according to OddityCentral.

Agricultural engineer and beekeeper Sedef had been struggling to deal with thieving bears for over four months, but nothing worked. When he tried covering his precious beehives with steel cages, the bears toppled to get to the precious honey, when he reinforced the cages with a cement base, they just dug in the ground and toppled them again. Even raising the hives higher up didn’t help as the bears just climbed up to reach them. So earlier this month, Sedef decided to stop looking for solutions and at least use the bears’ appetite for honey to his advantage.

Since then, there have been less cases of honey pilfering by the bears.

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