Bauchi Sharia Commission seizes alcoholic drinks

  • Vows To Jail Offenders.
A cross section of assorted alcoholic drinks confiscated by the Hisbah during its operation at weekend

By Austine TSENZUGHUL, Bauchi.

BAUCHI STATE Shariah Commission is spiting fire,sternly warning it will deal decisively with violators of the state’Penal Code Law Cap 108,section 403(1-2).

But assured,it will strictly operate within the powers conferred on it by the law,Hisbah Commander,Ibrahim Musa Yisin,said in the Commission’s new strategy,when he spoke to our correspondent in Bauchi.

The Penal Code Law Cap 108:section 403(1-2)says”whoever prepares alcohol or any intoxicant by either manufacturing,pressing,extracting,or tapping,whether for himself,or for another,or trades in alcohol,loads alcohol,by buying or selling or supplying or leasing out or providing premises for the storing or preserving or consumption,or advertising or otherwise,dealing or handling in anyway alcoholic drinks in predominantly Muslim town or village commits an offense”.

“And shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years or with a fine which may extend to ten thousand Naira,or with both fine,and imprisonment. And in addition,the liquor involved shall be confiscated and destroyed in public”.

“Without prejudice to sub-section(1) above,the preparation or otherwise,sale,storing,consumption,or otherwise,dealing in or handling alcoholic drinks,is not punishable where it occurs in any of the following areas in the state,(q)Military and Police Barracks,and Mess(b)National and International Tourist Centres”.

The Law is effective from,June 29,2001,published in Bauchi State of Nigeria Gazette No.9 volume 26, was signed by Alhaji Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu,Executive Governor of Bauchi state.

The Shariah Commission,at weekend confiscated over 500 cartons of assorted lager beer,more than 1000 bottles of assorted spirits(hot drinks)of various sizes and colors,over400 bottles of alcoholic wines,also of various sizes (in bottles) at un-authorized spots within Bauchi metropolis.

Hisbah Commander,noted that”globally,laws are made for the good of the society,and Bauchi is no exception”.

“But few individuals don’t like this,they always want to subvert the laws for their personal interest,even if it is against the health of the majority”.

“Bauchi state Shariah Commission is given a responsibility which it is carrying out,and will ensure compliance maximally,for the good of our people,especially,our youth who have taken to consuming assorted alcohol and other injurious  intoxicants that are sold almost at every dark spot in the state”.

He explained,”the Commission is not out to kill people’s joy,but to safe-guard their spiritual,health and financial lives.And will stop at nothing to perform its legitimate assignment irrespective of religious,social and financial status of individuals or corporate bodies within its jurisdiction”.

The Commission’s strategy is coming on the heels of rampant cases of rape,especially against minors,and domestic violence on women,across the state.

Unconfirmed sources attribute the upsurge in rape cases and violence against women to the consumption of illicit drugs and alcohol

Across section of assorted alcoholic drinks confiscated by the Hisbah during its operation at weekend

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