Bad road network signals leadership failure

By Oluwaseun ADEOLA

Manual scooping of water from the flooded marshy road

Laying of the fell trees








THE CRY was unison! Niger State Governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello, is a failure. This was the assertion of commuters travelling from different parts of Northern Nigeria towards the South West prelude to the Ileya Festival.

Their frustration was noted as the two major roads linking Minna to the South West were in sorry state.

As an eye witness recounted to The Telescope Nigeria that the bridge to the major road to Minna sunk and overtaken by flood and a detour made to pass Agai to Bida saw many commuters passing the night in the sleeping village of Agai and environs as the stretch of vehicles could not be gleaned from a spot,

The Telescope Nigeria’s reporter who visited the scene reported that over 800 vehicles were stranded at the Agai end of the about 30 Kilometres to Bida.

The commuters were forced to pay N500 per vehicle for trees to be fell and stones and granite to be bought to fill the flooded, marshy area. Apparently the contractor in that area handling government project was contacted and it used its equipment to pull out stuck trailers.

Seriki Ado lamented his plight “Governor Bello ba shau ni (Governor Bello has done nothing to help his people). How can a road to major town be like this? Where I come from in Yobe, you will see stretches of good road. This man has failed the people”.

Another truck driver wondered what “the common man would benefit from their governance. How can people stayed over 18 hours at a spot because an elected governor failed to do the right thing. My consolation is that whatever you do here you will answer for it one, governor or driver”.

Another truck driver, who simply gave his name as Big boy was raining expletives on the governor and called for a “Situation that there should be a way to remove this people. The move should be easy, once you have failed your people, they should be able to remove you within a month. Is it not only one day that they spent electing them?” he asked rhetorically

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