Applause for Osinbajo

TO LEAD by example is to train generations of followers. This is the way to capture the recent surgery the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo had at the Duchess International Hospital.

Though it would have been preferable if the Vice President had had the procedure done at a government hospital instead of a highbrow private facility; he still deserve to be commended.

If the pressures by aides and hangers on are anything to go by, Osinbajo could be described as “strong”.

The aides would have mounted pressure to ensure they make money via estacode and some would mount pressure out of genuine fear for his health taking into consideration, the ill state of health facilities in the country.

It is refreshing to note that, at least, in this season of anomie, there is still a sane public servant.

The nation has lost count of how many times Major General Muhammadu Buhari travelled overseas for treatment.

Buy reports have it that sources close to Duchess International Hospital, where the operation took place on Saturday, that some of the government and private practice doctors of the VP made the suggestion because government officials favour the going abroad option.

This onerous decision to use a Nigerian hospital should not be wasted. In the few months that remain for the Vice President and his principal, efforts should be made to pay scheduled and unscheduled visits to public health institutions.

There are basic things these institutions should have and if it takes the illness of the Vice President to correct these anomalies, then it would have served a good purpose.

Just recently, during the Channels TV Debate for Governorship Candidates in the just concluded election, banters were thrown over glorified buildings called Primary Health Centres in Osun State.

One of the needs of human beings is good health; hence availability of affordable healthcare in a well equipped health institutions is a requirement for a good society that has the welfare of its citizens at heart.

It would be nice if the National Assembly could pass a law criminalising health tourism by public servants to stem the wastage of scarce foreign exchange.

FOREX spent so far by Buhari would be enough to establish a world standard hospital and the embarrassment caused by the Ekweremadus over the kidney transplant for their ailing daughter would not have occurred if there are well equipped health institutions because the manpower abound and most times have been drained by more serious societies.

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